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Our Mission

CoinArchives.com is a repository for coin auction catalogs in the digital domain. Its goal is to make entire auction catalogs, including textual lot descriptions, images, and prices realized, available to Internet users for both academic and commercial research.

Our History

CoinArchives.com was launched in October 2002 by its founder A.J. Gatlin, a coin collector and enthusiast in the field of information science. Like many businesses, it started as a hobby.

CoinArchives was a pioneer in the preservation of numismatic data and in the application of modern search engine technology to make this information available online. The site was quickly embraced by an international audience of collectors, dealers, and researchers.

At the beginning, CoinArchives contained only auctions of ancient coins, but soon expanded to include world coins in November of 2003.

On 15 July 2009, CoinArchives Pro, a subscription service based on the original site, was launced. This was soon followed by CoinArchives Pro Academic Edition, intended to support non-profit researchers. This marked the beginning of CoinArchives as a commercial venture.

When the site was first launched in 2002, the database contained fewer than 30,000 records. Now, more than 15 years later, the database size is measured in millions of records.

As a successful family-run business, CoinArchives continues to expand its auction coverage, features, and clientele.

Company Information

CoinArchives and CoinArchives Pro are operated by CoinArchives, LLC, a Nevada limited liability company.

Mailing address:
1544 East Broad St. #116
Statesville, NC 28625

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