CoinArchives Pro: Your source for advanced research and market information on ancient and modern coins and medals
CoinArchives Pro is a database that helps you:
  • Gather recent and historical market information
  • Research the rarity of coins on the auction market
  • Make better buying and selling decisions
  • Identify and attribute coins
  • Trace pedigrees
What's Different?

CoinArchives Pro builds on the success of our free service,, to bring you:

  • Full access to a constantly-growing archive of over 8 million auction records
  • 15+ years of auction results from over 150 international auction firms
  • Enhanced search tools
  • Multiple auction lot viewing and sorting options
  • Analysis and side-by-side coin comparison features

All of these features make CoinArchives Pro the most powerful tool on the Web for numismatic professionals. Learn more

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